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SF Matoro

SF Matoro is designed for heavy duty applications such as container ports, airport aprons, roads, industrial and commercial parking lots and more. It is perfect for mechanical installation. All installation sets completely interlock with neighboring sets - without using partial stones. This ensures the high load bearing capability of SF Matoro® pavements and simultaneously excludes tilting, twisting or lateral movements of the stones. Equidistant centers of gravity avoid flectional tensile stress and ensure even load distribution to the base.

sf matoro


Shape Data

turfstone SF Matoro 80mm U.S. Patent No. 4773790
Sq. ft. per stone:
Stones per sq. ft.:
Sq ft. per pallet:
Stones per pallet:
Weight per stone: (appx.)
Weight per pallet: (appx.)
8.81 x 8.81

Typical Patterns

rima ap
Mechanical Installation
SF Matoro

Gallery Samples

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